Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blogcode (Part2)

As my vacation begins, boredom kicks in, in search for something better to litter blogosphere, I decided  on writing a sequel to my older post Blogcode which was my first post on this blog.
As a blog grows most some bloggers find difficulty in penning down quality content. As far as blogging goes most bloggers still maintain that content is king, which is why we see most bloggers bringing out quality content like this blog right here. ;)  This is the main focus of this edition of Blogcode.

Article 1: Lists Tags and other random stuff
If you're out of content to write, then lists provide an excellent getaway. Not any moron can write a list you know. Common lists include top 5/10/25/100 movies/ movie dialogues/ soaps/ other trivial matter that everybody cares... If you're too narcissistic then you could go about making an about me list as well since blogger does put a 1500 word limit on your about me column, you could enhance it with things I like/ hate/ don't care list. Almost all lists have a superlative label about them like the best movie dialogues or the best food I ate or something on a similar note  . We live in an era of superlatives where every advertised product claims the best in its genre, since superlatives are overused in this era, people also go about extravagantly exaggerating things, we see phrases like very unique or most excellent or extremely brilliant being used.
Tagging is a random act of kindness in blogosphere where you get to nominate bloggers other than yourself to write lists of important issues concerning the world. Almost anybody can begin the tag chain and number of bloggers tagged should grow exponentially unless someone decides otherwise.

Article 2: The Writers Block
Whether you have it or not writer's block gives you a one-time pass for writing a content less post in blogosphere. Use it carefully and do not abuse the writer's block, Bloggers Anonymous (B.A) was formed for this very purpose. For claiming the writer's block however, you should have a decent number of followers and you should have posted at least a double digit number of posts otherwise you'll end up sounding stupid. (I've been there, tried claiming writer's block with about 2 followers both of whom were my friends who ultimately asked why blog when you have the writer's block, so you see the timing of making a claim such as the writer's block is really really important).

 A new phenomenon that has surfaced in this context is the writer's clock, which  Judy Balan gracefully describes as an illness gripping writers where difficulty is encountered in bringing out reader friendly content by beating the clock.

Article 3: The Awards Galore
Awards are an excellent way to gain followers and the much needed love in Blogosphere.  A blogger award could vary from something lifted off from google image search/ someone else's blog to skillfully edited images. Awarding is also sometimes a more refined form of tagging, where the greatest of the minds in blogosphere get recogonised for their contributions. Since most of the blogosphere believes in returning a favour, you are very likely to get one back when you give one.

P.S  Another way to avoid the writer's block is to come up with a content-less post like this one ...


  1. What do you call the writer's clock in red letters as?

  2. Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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  3. hahaha nice. i just recently did the list thing, but its a list of things to do. sounds pathetic. and yes, well it is. but hey, its my blog right?

    and ill be honest, i dont really get what you mean with the writers block. how can you write a post on writers block? when i have writers block, i just dont want to write.

  4. @Katie
    Well I about the writer's block I meant there are many blogposts out there which talk about how the blogger has the writer's block and generally there is enough content for one post just by writing how one could not that was what I meant.

  5. Haha... a kewl write-up about what to write when out of stuff to write? that's novel! I think you're just directing subtle humor to us who call themselves writers and then have no content :P

  6. i like the post on writer's block and appreciate you for calling me out on clearly not having writer's block if I am indeed writing. further, love that you use hyperbole (the word more so than the actual literary device). i feel like i am one giant ball of hyperbole sometime.