Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So it has come to this ...

It has been nearly an year since I posted something, other than my one true follower, others must know that radical changes have taken place in the Life & Times of yours truly, for one I'm not in college anymore, a graduand now, as Wikipedia puts it. My culinary options are not restricted to Gobi Manchurian*  anymore. In the past year life has been partly nomadic. I have relocated about 7 times in the past 7 months in Bangalore and I'm actually working now, like for real. Of course this does not explain why the 2 year sabbatical from blogger.

Originally this post was meant to be an elegy to blogger, I thought of kicking blogger and moving to something else, posterous, tumbler, Wordpress. Well at the moment though that might be unlikely, (and blogger has undergone a lot of changes since I last posted). I promise I'll update something soon.

P.S Title inspired by XKCD comic

* Gobi Manchurian: A dish served from kitchens of Isengrad which consists mostly of questionably coloured vegetables & cauliflower bathed in oil