Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Procrastination 101 : A prelude

For more details read the course Procrastination 101 here

I have to re-quote Stephenie Meyer again here, I am the most creative when I procrastinate.

Wednesdays are meant to be wordless in blogosphere, so I am stopping my post here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Versatile Tag

Ambiguous Geek at gave me this award. Apparently I am very versatile as the award says.

Having said that, awards/tags in blogosphere in general come with stringent conditions to promote narcissism, which if not followed might lead to one being expelled from the blogosphere. It is the blogosphere way of forwarding messages that say pass this on to 15 people or very bad luck may fall on you. This award comes with a condition that you must mention 7 random things about yourself and also pass this on to 15 other versatile bloggers.I have already done the 7 tag here and I don't want to reveal the narcissistic contents of I, me, myself once again.

Now for the tag, Varsh at Food for thought, tagged me with an interesting tag called 'My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes' wherein you are to list 10 or more things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to and tag atleast twelve blogging friends to do the same. You have to be truthful as far as possible and as far as Blogosphere goes, Et fictum fit factum (True Lies?)

1. I read the entire Twilight series and that if anything constitutes as a sin against gender stereotype, a sin against literature rather. Reading New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn is what one would call an ordeal. btw check out my post on twilight here.

2. I am a big fan of female fronted metal/ symphonic metal and almost nobody I know of (in person that is) ever heard of or listen to the bands I listen to.(Epica, NW, WT, LC fans anybody?)

3. I am the most creative when I procrastinate. Btw Stephenie Meyer said that and we all know how creative the Twilight series turned out to be. Time is just a concept and always the first thing to fail, no wonder I procrasinate, for the uninitiated, there is a course called Procrastination 101 here.

4.I am an expert chef. In fact I plan to publish a book called ' Chow-a-ton: My failed attempts at making instant noodles'

5.I am flimsy with things involving a lot of dexterity. I am flimsy with stuff in general.

6. I am really scared of spiders, eight legged freaks meant to scare people.

7. I love day dreaming. 

8. I watched over 25 chick flicks over the last three years (excluding bollywood where overly cliched chick flicks are the preffered genre) However it is only a small percentage of the total number of movies I watched over the last three years (250 and still counting, how is that for waste of time), now you guys know how I procrastinate.

9. I hate oranges and synthetic Orange juice duplicates  and the fact is I hated orange juice even when I was a child. I know this doesn't count as a sin against gender stereotypes, more of a sin against humanity, I guess. As they say, Old loves, they die hard .

10.I suck at making lists which ask for people's strengths or weaknesses

Of all my sins against gender stereotypes, the one that strikes me as the worst is making this list of sins against gender stereotypes. 

And now the award as well as the tag of my crimes against gender stereotypes goes to:
2. g2 at gtoosphere
3. Journomuse at Wordy Sketches
4. Judy Balan at I bullshit because I can 
5. Nish at loosely a loser
6. Nalini Hebbar at Open Mind
7.Purba at A-musing
8.Sweta at the dissapearing caravan
10. Tiffany at stylish chatterboxing
11. Kate at Beat up Boots
12. Kris at Because or Why Not
13. Andrew at What about free will
14. Deepti Richa at Laaf at life

And thanks Varsh for the tag and A. geek for the award. Consider yourself tagged and/or awarded
P.S The unedited version of the versatile blogger award is here. The image edit was just a futile attempt at image manipulation.

P.P.S Due respects to Epica and their album The Divine Conspiracy, and the Nightwish album Once where I took most of the one liners for the posts and the latin.