Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blogcode 2.0

[parts 1 & 2 )

Whether we know it or not every Blogger adheres to a set of rules though none of these are stated explicitly.Blogcode 2.0 is aimed at documenting the various rules that govern the blogosphere of its blogs. It is a piece of code that was written by the very developers of blogs & blogosphere. While the etymology of the word blog dates back to the 1990s to something called weblogs, the real meaning of the word blog is still speculated.(If you’re using older versions of word or any other WYSIWYG processors pre-2007 era for that matter, you might find that the spellcheck fails to recognize this incongruous word.(As a matter of fact, spellcheck fails to recognize itself, so this may not be a bug!))
(WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get)
(Btw the word Blogosphere came out of the blue, it has no known meaning)

The Quintessential cliché
Every Blogger begins his blog stating its purpose and greeting the blogosphere. It is something much similar to the ‘Hello World’ in programming. Something that has to be done, a swearing in ceremony, it is even speculated that the word blog came into existence when a very famous blogger attempted the ‘Hello World’. Most bloggers then try to explain the reason for their entry into blogosphere as boredom or choosing blogging as they have nothing better to do. Generally the first posts are the quintessential cliché’s of every blog. Much like those chick flicks that are made these days, the first blog often contains long soliloquies of a blogger often explaining the reasons for their entry in this world, where adventure is an everyday phenomenon. If you’re a newbie to the blogosphere and you desperately want to blog (obviously for unexplained reasons) you can always begin by telling boredom is the primary reason for entry into this part of the world. Even better, you might even get praised by other blogo-sapiens for your entry even though your first blog essentially contains nothing but boredom explained, it is something, generally so clichéd that you might actually get away by pasting someone else’s first blog which itself may be a metaphor for boredom explained.

Of Postscripts and Post-scripting:
If you feel that your reader’s patience wasn’t tested enough with your excellent post already, you always have post-scripts to the rescue. You can always post script your blog with something that ensures that your reader may never visit your blog again. And to further ensure that this happens you can always post-post script your blog to ensure that this process is speeded up. Please don’t go beyond an order of 3 lest only Nobel peace laureates may read your blog. Though most users claim they don’t know the actual use of this literary technique, bloggers continue to use P.S as an effective way to scare non bloggers off the blogerado.

P.S: Blogcode 2.0 is still in its development (beta) phase and further postings are required to complete this marvelous piece of code.

P.P.S: More postings to come, though this heavily depends on your support.

P.P.P.S: The above statement was false.

“Give man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him how to blog, you get rid of him forever”-An Anonymous Blogger

“Excellent! This is something that I have always been looking for”-The new kid on the blog


  1. One cliched word for your first blog : "Kickass". Noob if you can write like this, why keep away from personal blogging for so long. My opinion straight from the heart is that this one was better than all your previous reviews combined (thought they were also good but hopelessly outclassed). I expect a lot more satire from you about us cliched bloggers. Eagerly awaiting your next.

    PS Don't forget to complete your Blogcode 2.0

    PPS "This blog is soo cool."

  2. So Four 2.0 has been launched. And some beginning it is. The question that faces every blogger before he starts blogging, is why should I. You have nailed it once and for all, my friend. And the description of how a blog proceeds after that was class man.

    "Gentlemen, take a bow."
    - M.K.

  3. hehe... very good observation...

    every great man on earth at some point of time peed in his pants... its inevitable