Friday, December 24, 2010

The end of an era (The R-day Chronicle)

I have been trying to post for a long time now. So this post is just to break the silence, and hopefully paves way for better posts in the future. I will, in this post present a hyperbole version of the registration process at my college which is a fascinating test of one's patience.
 Yesterday 2-3 days ago the registration for my last semester at college was complete.Our college has a registration process, which increases in its complexity and an obvious increase in waiting time every year. There is also an increase in paperwork, which in this computer era, one would expect to decrease. However we are not done with just paperwork, the little on line part in the registration process, presents a problem in form of overloaded college servers which were carefully designed a long time ago with no consideration on the possibility of an increased intake in the future.There are also some 3-4 queues one has to wait/break in order to get all the formalities done.  
On the R-day (which marks an individual's victory over the well designed administrative procedure at college), I got up early, to conquer the queues and thus saving myself from the unlawful wastage of time, though it is something that I do in front of my computer where it seems strangely justified. This time there was a different problem though, I had to change my elective course because the guy who takes down all the notes had changed his. 7 semesters of almost no note-taking means it is easier to switch  an elective course and go through a longer registration procedure rather than  listening every class, where yd great lengths of time could be spent dozing off. Strangely I find that in courses where I sleep a lot I perform better than the ones which I listen too. Probably my subconscious mind has better attention capacity than the conscious mind, where I am generally too lazy to think of a solution. On the R-day, there were 2 long queues to go before the last registration finally gets done.(I had completed the others much ahead of time saving me from the last time rush) The first one was for getting a token number issued for the second queue (supposedly purposely as the whole point of a token issue is to avoid a  queue) which kind of determines how long you would have to wait. However the wait wasn't as antagonising as expected because the second queue wasn't monitored all that well, well they never checked the tokens numbers issued, so it meant a free entry whenever someone didn't show up. I got in about 100 numbers early, and thus on 12pm, December 27th the last administrative formality at my college was complete. There are still tales left to narrate on the copious amount of time spent just to get a signature on the identity card. Looking back the registration procedure  is probably a small challenge one has to go through in order to counter the bigger ones during the semester. I guess I should stop writing here, it is 3 am, nothing good happens when you blog after 2 am...