Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Procrastination 101 : A prelude

For more details read the course Procrastination 101 here

I have to re-quote Stephenie Meyer again here, I am the most creative when I procrastinate.

Wednesdays are meant to be wordless in blogosphere, so I am stopping my post here.


  1. I must be behind. I didn't know wednesdays were supposed to be wordless!

  2. lol!
    i've nominated you back (and you don't have to write seven things about you :P).
    great post...totally laughed!

  3. As a new reader here, I am willing to forgive your wordless wednesday proclamation for two reasons.

    1. I am not yet addicted to your blog.
    2. There is at least ONE image in this post. Wordless does not mean pictureless, after all. =p

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